Personal Safety: Holiday Edition

Out of sight, out of mind | If you’re out shopping, be sure to hide your valuables in the trunk or under a seat.

Be aware of your surroundings | Pay attention to who is around you, what they’re doing, and where you’re at. Listen to your gut — if something feels weird, you’re probably right.

Park in a well-lit area | When shopping, park in a well-lit area of the parking lot. This makes it easier to see your surroundings. If possible, shop with another person after dark.

Walk with purpose | When you return to your vehicle, walk with a purpose and pay attention to your surroundings. Keep your keys in your hand and walk confidently. Maintain your awareness when you’re putting away your purchases.

Secure your purse and/or wallet | Keep your purse and/or wallet on you at all times. Purses or wallets that are left unattended in baskets (even if you’re just turning around for a moment) are at risk of being snatched.

Avoid overloading yourself | Avoid carrying too many packages or bags at one time. You want to be able to see clearly and move easily.

Top Five Holiday Safety Videos

Want some ideas on how to spread your own holiday safety messages? Check out these viral videos from law enforcement agencies from around the country!

1. Gainesville Police Department | Holiday Safety

2. Victoria Police Department | Sleigh Ride PSA 2010

3. Collier County Sheriff’s Office | Safety Style

4. Seattle Police Department | Holiday Safety Message

5. Tampa Police Department | Deck the Malls

What’s your favorite holiday safety video? Leave the link in the comments!

Preventing Package Thefts

It seems we have all fell in love with the convenience of ordering things on-line and having things delivered to our front door.  Unfortunately with the convenience there comes a risk.  This time of year we hear more about packages being stolen while they sit at our front door waiting for us to arrive home.   To reduce your chances of becoming a victim, consider the following tips:

  • Track your packages and shipments.  This way you know when your package will be delivered.  You often times sign up to receive emails or texts when your package is delivered.
  • Leave specific instructions for the delivery when you order the product.  You can also do this thought the shippers on-line tracking services.  You can also re-direct the shipment to be picked up at the shipping center.  Do not leave a note on your door with instructions, this indicates you are not at home.
  • If you cannot be home for delivery, ask a neighbor to watch for the package and secure it for you.
  • Consider having all of your shipments require a signature for delivery.  This way the delivery driver will not leave packages on your door step.
  • Have your package delivered to your work or a relative or friend who will be at home.
  • Consider picking up the package at the Post Office or shipping center.
  • Be aware of suspicious activity in your neighborhood.  Look for strange vehicles and individuals.  Report this activity to police.

Welcome to Idaho Crime Prevention

As the first post in the Idaho Crime Prevention Association (ICPA) blog, it is my pleasure to welcome you.  One of the purposes of our organization is to educate the public on current crime prevention topics, techniques, and issues.  This is with the goal of decreasing crime and keeping our great quality of life which we all enjoy as residents of Idaho.

We realize we don’t have the the same issues in regards to crime as other states and we want to help keep it that way.  Our organization is filled with professionals actively involved with crime prevention in the public and private sectors.  From law enforcement to security professionals, our members have a wide array of  knowledge we want to share with you.  Please follow our posts to learn ways to help keep you and your loved ones crime free.

Welcome to ICPA,

Ed Fritz, Idaho Crime Prevention Association President