Stolen Bikes

When looking at different crimes, trends often emerge. One we see right now are bike thefts. When the weather turns warmer and people start getting their bikes out, the bike thefts increase. The goal for the individual bike owner has been and will continue to be to make your bike more secure than the bike parked next to yours.

You might be able to leave you bike unlocked outside your home or store and not have it stolen, but it will catch up with you and your bike will be stolen sooner or later.

A cable lock will keep some bike thieves honest, but if they want your bike a few seconds and a pair of bolt cutters will take care of the job.

U-locks are always the preferred method to secure your bike, but even they can be defeated. A good U-lock will buy you time and make your bike harder to steal than the bike with a cable lock parked next to yours. A U-lock and cable lock combo will make your bike even less desirable to a bike thief.

How to secure your bike.

If you live in an apartment, bike storage rooms can be a good options, as long as you can keep the fox out of the chicken coop. A good U-Lock should always be used there too.

A closed and locked garage or inside your apartment/house will keep your bike out of reach of most bike thieves. Just remember to close you garage door and lock side doors.

Before your bike is stolen or lost, registering your bike is very important. A bike registry, like Bike Index, keeps your bike make, model, serial number, and pictures in a safe location in case you ever need them. If you need to file a theft report, you can give law enforcement the two most important things for your theft report, the serial and picture. Plus with Bike Index, you have a whole community looking for your bike. A bike stolen in Boise could be found in Portland if someone runs the serial number through Bike Index.

Register your bike with Bike Index

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