Preventing Package Thefts

It seems we have all fell in love with the convenience of ordering things on-line and having things delivered to our front door.  Unfortunately with the convenience there comes a risk.  This time of year we hear more about packages being stolen while they sit at our front door waiting for us to arrive home.   To reduce your chances of becoming a victim, consider the following tips:

  • Track your packages and shipments.  This way you know when your package will be delivered.  You often times sign up to receive emails or texts when your package is delivered.
  • Leave specific instructions for the delivery when you order the product.  You can also do this thought the shippers on-line tracking services.  You can also re-direct the shipment to be picked up at the shipping center.  Do not leave a note on your door with instructions, this indicates you are not at home.
  • If you cannot be home for delivery, ask a neighbor to watch for the package and secure it for you.
  • Consider having all of your shipments require a signature for delivery.  This way the delivery driver will not leave packages on your door step.
  • Have your package delivered to your work or a relative or friend who will be at home.
  • Consider picking up the package at the Post Office or shipping center.
  • Be aware of suspicious activity in your neighborhood.  Look for strange vehicles and individuals.  Report this activity to police.

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